It all started when Founders (and husband and wife!) Simon and Helena Hills were training for an IronMan 70.3 in March 2014. We'll let Helena tell you the full story..

Lots of early mornings meant Simon and I were into the habit of having a coffee before each training session. This is obviously pretty normal behaviour, coffee as a natural energy boost to get your going. The thing is, I'm quite sensitive to caffeine so was having heart palpitations out on the bike one day, then nothing at all the next! It was making me really frustrated and I had no confidence that I'd be able to smash my training session.

It was Simon that put two and two together after he got fed up with my moaning! We started to look into how much caffeine gives you an energy boost, how much is too much and how much caffeine is actually in the coffee we're drinking? We were amazed to find out that the caffeine levels in our cups of coffee varied loads - from 20mg to over 400mg per cup! We honestly could not believe it. The unpredictable caffeine doesn't matter if you’re having a latte in a coffee shop, but it's entirely useless when you’re drinking it for a performance boost.

With our medals just after crossing the line at IronMan 70.3 in Pescara

At the right level, caffeine increases endurance and improves mental focus, so it's awesome for training. So many people drink coffee now for a natural caffeine hit, we're really moving away from traditional sugary energy drinks and synthetic caffeine pills. We knew we weren't the only people who would want a reliably caffeinated coffee!

We had this idea for coffee designed specifically for sports performance, a natural energy boost with the perfect level of caffeine plus all the benefits of great coffee. A coffee that would make you feel great every time.

People really loved the concept and we soon realised we were onto something. We set about sourcing the best coffee and recruiting the right team. I've spent a lot of time in South America and I'm biased towards Colombian coffee being the best in the world!

We wanted TrueStart Coffee to be a no brainer - a performance boost with no crash, completely natural with no synthetics, convenient with no faff. It also needed to be ethically sourced and taste awesome. We spent a long time making sure it was all of those things before finally launching in May 2015. The public response has been phenomenal, and we're now focussing on continually innovating TrueStart's range of naturally functional energy products that make you feel great and leverage the power of TrueStart Coffee.

TrueStart is about so much more than just coffee. #TEAMTRUESTART is now a global community of awesome people using TrueStart Coffee to up their game in sport and life.

We all like to challenge ourselves, we've all got goals. But it's not about what your goal is. We don't compare, ever. It's about having the courage & confidence to achieve your thing, and that's what TrueStart gives you. The coffee, the people, the energy. Every day.

It's not about achieving success overnight either, and we always say - there are no silver bullets.

TrueStart has got your back. You're not on your own, we're in this together. Just remember that every time you have your TrueStart, you're connecting with a support network that are always there. During the grind as well as the celebration.

At the start line as well as the finish.

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