In Europe we have very strict regulations on food imports, including mycotoxins. It may be interesting for you in general to know that the proven tolerable level of mycotoxins equates to 120 nano grams (one billionth of a gram!) per kg body weight. The general population weekly exposure from various sources (coffee included) is well below this level, as it’s between just 15 and 60 ng per kg.

We have very strict quality control at TrueStart and as part of our internal procedures, we run analysis to measure the Ochratoxin A (OTA) to make sure we meet the EU regulations for soluble coffee, which is 10.0 ppb (μg/kg) and for Roast and Ground Coffee is 5 ppb (μg/kg).

TrueStart consistently contains “less than 6 ppb mycotoxins” as per our certifications. This is incredibly low. In fact, for someone weighing 70kg, you would have to drink 7 million cups of TrueStart to reach the intolerable level of mycotoxins(!)

Other coffee brands will not actually publish their mycotoxin levels, so you have no idea how much is in their coffee.

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