No. Coffee is an agricultural product that requires pesticides and fertilisers. Organic coffee still uses fertilisers and pesticides, but natural ones rather than man-made.

There are 3 main reasons TrueStart has chosen to avoid the high premium of organic coffee:

  • TrueStart Coffee beans are grown with pesticides and fertilisers that are approved by the Colombian Government. Colombian coffee is heavily regulated as it is exported all over the world and most of it goes to the US, Germany and Japan, where the regulations regarding pesticides and fertilisers are very strict.
  • Some argue that heavily regulated man-made fertilisers are preferable to natural fertilisers which are subject to less regulation, because chemicals are still chemicals (even when they're natural).
  • Organic regulations often affect farmer welfare because they can't sell organic coffee at a high enough price to account for the major reduction in yield. This can be devastating for smaller farmers which make up the majority in Colombia.

To ensure an additional layer of quality control, we send our samples to an independent U.S. lab which analyses the components of pesticides and fertilisers used (see below).

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