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Hi Helena,

Hope you are well. You'll be pleased to know that by now I am a 100% True Start convert. I have stopped using the French Press and even coffee capsules. An interesting thing happened this morning - I had some coffee capsules lying around, so I thought I'll use them. After brewing via my espresso machine, and making it into my usual americano, I was surprised how terrible the coffee tasted compared to True Start. I threw the entire cup into the kitchen sink and guess what - I dissolved some True Start coffee in hot water and drank it and felt terrific. I can't believe I am writing this - but I am now actually reaching out for an instant coffee over some very expensive ground coffee and coffee capsules I have lying around. I can't believe how much money and time I have wasted over the years trying to brew the perfect cup of joe in the morning. Last week, after my ongoing good experience with True Start, I tried another brand of organic instant coffee of which I had read glowing reviews of it and reasoned that it might be better than True Start since it is certified organic (which True start is not - I wonder why?). Unfortunately, even that coffee didn't cut it for me. Had to top up with a cup of True Start immediately afterwards. Now my morning ritual consists of nothing more than dissolving a sachet or scoop of True Start in hot water and adding a splash of double cream or coconut milk to make a DELICIOUS cup of coffee. Previously, I had been doing all sorts of coffee concoctions in a blender, using butter, coconut oil etc just to be able to find that perfect cup which would give me sustained energy for the morning without causing crashes. Unfortunately, I personally never found much success with these concoctions – either I would end up hungry or I would have a crash. I had gotten to a stage where I was seriously considering quitting coffee because I reasoned I must be hyper-sensitive to coffee. Thanks to True Start, I can enjoy my coffee again without any of these problems. It’s quick, easy and delicious – no more mucking around with blender and stuff in the kitchen every morning – just a cup, hot water and a spoon (and a hand frother when I use double cream or coconut milk). It makes me feel wonderful and energised. I sometimes wonder if there is some sort of a secret ingredient in True Start that has gotten me hooked to it...hahaha :-)

Anyhow, hope to see True Start available more widely and wish you guys every success in your endeavours. Super job !

Kind regards,

A happy #TEAMTRUESTART customer [name removed for data protection]

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