TrueStart Coffee has been reviewed on Amazon by a very happy customer called Debilee39, who has a salicylate intolerance and until TrueStart, was been completely unable to drink coffee. Here's the review:

This prompted me to look further into salicylate intolerance, and coincidentally I spoke to a customer at the Cycle Show this weekend who had exactly the same problem - which had also been solved by TrueStart! If you have a salicylate intolerance, I'm really excited that TrueStart may be able to help you enjoy your coffee again.

Here are some facts about coffee & salicylate intolerance:

  • As a rule, decaffeinated coffee is felt to have less salicylate in general than caffeinated coffee (note: this is not a hard-and-fast rule, read more here)
  • Several people have found that organic coffee can be worse for salicylate intolerance; when a crop is not sprayed with pesticides, it creates more of its own natural salicylates and other phenols to guard itself from climate variations, insects, etc (read more here)
  • Salicylate content varies from brand to brand (much like caffeine!), so it's best to find a brand that works for you then stick to it (read more here)

So why is TrueStart proving useful to some people suffering from salicylate intolerance, despite being caffeinated? I'm not sure! It could be due to the super clean beans, who knows. But I do know that Debbie is not the last customer to have got it touch about this, so I wanted to share this exciting discovery with you, particularly if you know someone who may be able to benefit from it.

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