One of our brand values is loyalty, so we reward you for your loyalty to TrueStart. You can earn Loyalty Points in a number of ways including sharing on social media, leaving reviews, adding your birthday and spending in store. Then the best bit - you cash in your points for discounts whenever you like.

Spend points

💸 Get a £1 discount for every 100 points you have earned.

Minimum 500 points required to redeem a voucher.
Maximum 5,000 points per voucher.

Earn points

👍 Create an account = 100 points

Super simple. Just create an account to sign up to the Loyalty program and get yourself off the mark.

👫 Invite friends to TrueStart = 500 points

Share your personal link with friends and give them a gift of 20% discount on their first order! When they order using your link, you will earn 500 loyalty points, worth £5!

☕️ Place an order = 5 points / £1 spent

Earn 5 loyalty points for every pound you spend, effectively giving your 5% cash back on every order. For example, spend £100 and earn 500 points worth £5.

🎂 On your birthday = 100 points

Let us know the date and we will gift you 100 points on your Birthday every year... just because!

⭐️ Leave a review = 100 points

Love TrueStart? Then leave a review on any product and you will earn 100 points as a thank you.

😎 Social media

  • Follow TrueStart on Instagram = 50 points
  • Share TrueStart on Twitter = 50 points
  • Follow TrueStart on Twitter = 50 points
  • Share TrueStart on Facebook = 50 points
  • Like TrueStart on Facebook = 50 points

How to sign up?

To sign up for the program, simply create an account here: 

How do I access the program?

Simply click the Loyalty Points tab on the website to open the pop-up box. Within this, you can check your current points balance, see new ways to earn points and spend points on vouchers.

On mobile - click this link to launch the program

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